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By Matthew Priebe


In Genesis God gave us dominion over the animals and nature. For thousands of years on this sin cursed world Satan has convinced humans that dominion means what God never really intended. Animals have not fared well at the hands of humans, and our hearts have been hardened to their suffering. But do animals have any impact on our salvation?


In this book Matthew Priebe explores the truth of what God meant when he said we have dominion over the Earth. This book takes another look at the man-animal relationship from the perspective of the Bible. It asks the question, “How should a Christian, professing to live like Christ, treat the animals found all around us?”

This is a pivotal issue for each one of us, for without a correct understanding of our role in nature among the animals, we will never fulfill what God intended for His creation. This will impact our eternal destiny in more ways than we normally realize, and only through God’s Word can we recognize His will and plan for every living soul.


This book is newly revised and expanded for 2018

Animal, Ethics & Christianity

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