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Frequently asked questions

Who is behind OTCme?

OTCme began in a small medical practice in Texas. While caring for our patients we noticed more prescription medications becoming accessible over-the-counter with nothing available to guide people at the pharmacy. OTCme was borne out of a passion to help people find the medication they need and stop wasting money on the wrong medications. We feel fortunate that we are able to combine our passion for helping others with talent from great developers and designers to bring you OTCme. If there is anything you would like us to add please let us know.

Why isn’t a medication I see at the pharmacy in the database?

There are several criteria we use to determine what medications to include in our app. If you have a specific medication you would like for us to consider including please email with the information. We will review your request and get back to you quickly.

Why isn’t my local pharmacy included?

Many pharmacies, even some large chains, do not put their OTC medications online. If the pharmacy you are asking about has OTC medications available online and you would like us to include them, email with the pharmacy information, and we will check it out.

Why are some of the prices in the app and those online different?

Online prices change frequently. If the prices are off by a small amount, it is just that the price recently changed and has not been updated in the app. If you are concerned the price is dramatically off, please email and we will correct it.

How can I suggest updates to medication information?

We work diligently to keep our data up to date and accurate, however if you notice an error, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to report it to

Will the pharmacy accept my coupons?

The printed coupons in our app are manufacturer’s coupons. Usually, they will need to be printed and brought to the pharmacy, but as long as the coupon has not expired, they should be accepted by the pharmacy.

Why don’t you include which medications are safe during pregnancy?

We want to keep our users safe, and the complexity of which medications are safe during pregnancy is beyond the scope of this app. There are good apps available that address this particular topic. When pregnant, considering pregnancy, or lactating it is safest to consult your physician prior to taking any over the counter medications.

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