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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy eating is not cheap! Healthful foods are not only expensive they are also inaccessible to the poor. The majority of places known as food deserts in Oklahoma have high rates of diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancers. Many people are uneducated on how to eat right and how food affects the body and mind. A Table in the Wilderness is embarking on a long-term effort to educate Oklahomans on healthful living, providing plant-based foods to people with limited access to it, and reaching people with the everlasting Gospel.​

  • How can I sponsor an event?
    You can sponsor The Community Cooking Show for $400 per class by donating here. You can sponsor Diabetes Undone by donating here. Please consider making a donation to sponsor one of these courses.
  • How can I schedule the Eat Better Van for the Ice Cream & Education Social?
    Please email us at or call us at 405-309-2191 to schedule us.
  • Are there accommodations for dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.) in classes?"
    Yes! Our classes are always plant-based vegetarian, dairy-free and at times we provide a gluten-free option for participants.
  • Is there a cost or fee to attend a Diabetes Undone course?
    We at times offer the Diabetes Undone course free of charge, there is a cost for optional class materials. Diabetes Undone is also offered to individuals online. Please visit their website for more information. If you would like for us to schedule a class at your venue please fill out this form.
  • Is there a cost or fee for The Community Cooking Show?
    The Community Cooking Show is a FREE event offered at various locations. If you would like to attend an event please visit out Events page. If you would like for us to schedule a class at your venue please fill out this form.
  • How can I donate food to the pantry?
    You can sign up for our newsletter, follow our social accounts or email us directly to find out specific drop off days for the pantry. Please visit our donation page for cash donations.
  • What items can I find at the plant-based pantry?
    You can find plant-based staples at the pantry such as Daiya Mac, Rice, Beans, Hummus, Bread and much more.
  • Are there any costs associated with the pantry?
    No. The pantry is free of charge. Donations are always welcome.
  • What food items will you accept for donations to the pantry?
    We accept plant-based foods only. Please see this guide about foods we do not accept for the pantry. If you have any questions on the foods we do not accept please send us an email at
  • How long does it take to ship?
    If the shirt is in stock we will ship it the first business day after purchase. Shipping is through USPS and may take to 2-10 business days to arrive.
  • How can I order a shirt?
    You can order a t-shirt for a suggested donation at our online store.
  • Can I return the shirt?
    Our t-shirts are available on a donation basis. If you have any issues please contact us here.
  • I have additional questions. Where can I learn more?
    Check out the following resources to learn more about A Table in the Wilderness or the Kids Recipe Kit: View our Homepage for an overview Read about the Kids Recipe Kit Ask specific questions by Contacting Us
  • What is your mission?
    Our mission is to provide healthy spiritual and physical foods to those who need it. We accomplish this by providing healthy cooking classes, health education classes and plant-based foods to food deserts.
  • What if I decide not to pick up my kit or I no longer want to have it shipped?
    Please contact us if you are not interested in picking up your kit. We kindly ask you to email us at with any shipping questions or concerns.
  • What age range is the At the Kids Table Program?
    Avaible for kids 4 to 17! Young children ages 4 to 10 can enjoy working alongside an adult in the kitchen. Kids and early teens ages 11 to 14 can try out their kitchen skills by helping prepare family meals. Teens ages 15+ can use their kit independently, although it depends on their level of culinary skill and ambition and permission from their parents.
  • Do you accommodate for dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.)?"
    Yes! All of the items in the kits are plant-based vegetarian, most times they are vegan and always dairy-free. Sometimes we send gluten-free snacks. Recipes can be altered for specific dietary restrictions.
  • What is the cost of shipping my KRK? And when will it arrive? Do you ship internationally?
    Shipping rates are $10 and non-refundable. Please pay for your shipping fee here: We do not ship internationally.
  • What can I expect in the kit?
    Each monthly kit includes the following: A recipe guide provided through an affiliated cooking program with a QR code or DVD A kid-friendly accessory such as a spatula, sustainable grocery bag, wisk, etc. Educational materials such as tracts, activity sheets or coloring books One special food item for your recipe or a snack item
  • How much does the kit cost?
    The kit is FREE! Shipping rates apply when the kit must be shipped, otherwise you may pick up your child's kit from a location in Oklahoma City metro area.
  • Is food included?
    Yes! At times ingredients are included in the kits and we like to include a plant-based snack for kids to try. Almost all ingredients can be found in the course of your normal grocery shopping.

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