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Strawberry Shortcake

Updated: Feb 10, 2022


For the shortcake

  • 2 cups One Degree Organics spelt flour

  • ½ cup sugar

  • 2 teaspoons non-aluminum baking powder (I use Hain brand)

  • ¾ teaspoon pink salt

  • 1½ cup cashew cream (1 cup cashews blended with 1 cup Pacific brand coconut milk or water)

  • 1 teaspoon non-alcohol vanilla extract

  • 2 teaspoons lime juice

For the strawberries

  • 2 cups strawberries (washed and sliced)

  • ½ cup apple juice concentrate (or organic sugar)

Combine both ingredients into a small bowl, stir and let marinate while preparing the shortcake.


For the shortcake: Whisk the first 4 ingredients together in a medium bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and combine them all together. Mix well.

The dough should be workable but not too sticky. Add flour if needed.

Divide the dough into one dozen pieces and place it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Gently pat each into a circle that is roughly ¾ to 1 inch high.

Preheat your oven to 375ºF.

Brush the tops of the dough with a little coconut milk, and sprinkle with coarse sugar, if desired.

Bake for about 20 minutes, or until lightly browned. Let cool completely.

Slice one shortcake in half, place it on a plate and add the strawberry mixture with a few spoonfuls of juice marinade.

Add So Delicious Cocowhip.


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